We Democracy Amendments Coalition participants recognize that America, the country we love, has allowed its national political system to become so corrupted by the way it is funded and structured, that it no longer properly represents the interests of "We The People" as the founders of our Constitution intended.

We are libertarians, conservatives, moderates, liberals and progressives, who agree to set aside our political differences while focusing together on this paramount issue of our time, which goes to the very core of our democracy and representation.

We, and all who choose to join us, are dedicated to restoring our Republic, through appropriate and effective changes in our statutes and Constitution. All U.S. citizens deserve to have our elected politicians in Washington properly represent our collective interests.

Below, Professor Lawrence Lessig discuses this issue in much more detail in two separate TED TALKS plus a third at the Nantucket Project.

The first is titled "We The People and The Republic We Must Reclaim," 18min, 19 secs, delivered on April 3rd, 2013. 

The second is titled "The Unstoppable Walk To Political Reform," 13 min, 44 secs, delivered on April 4, 2014.

The third is titled "Reclaim Democracy," 6 min, 12 secs, delivered on October 24, 2014.