The Democracy Amendments Coalition strives to loosely coordinate and collaborate with a wide range of other individuals and organizations who recognize that in order to accomplish our own individual and organizational policy goals, we must first resolve the #1 underlying issue, the structure and financing of our political system, which is currently distorting policy outcomes in almost all other policy areas.

In advocating for these changes, and in order to maintain our nonpartisan strength and reputation, each of us agrees to focus our efforts on constitutional and related statutory changes directly related to improving the political process and we agree not to, in the name of the Democracy Amendments Coalition, take substantive positions on side issues such as those relating to defense, budget, environment, etc. which are indirectly affected by systemic problems in the way our political system is both funded and conducted. We each agree to focus on what unites us, not on what might divide us.

Of course nothing inhibits any us from separately taking positions on any of these issues when separately advocating for changes in ways not related to or attributed to the Democracy Amendments Coalition.


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  • Rick Hubbard