Our Vision

Our vision is to reform the way we both finance and structure our federal political system, and also to strengthen our state and local political systems, so as to be properly responsive to "We the People". 

To address the corruption of our political system due to the way campaign money is currently raised, we support, a federal system of small dollar contributions from all americans, coupled with larger amounts of public financing only available to candidates in relation to the amount of small dollar support received from large numbers of American Citizens. 

This can be achieved by either Congress adopting such legislation, or by Constitutional Amendments. We also support similar initiatives at state levels and, where appropriate, at local levels.

In addition, we support strengthening, through either legislation or Constitutional Amendment, the way we structure and conduct our political processes, both at the federal level and at the state and local levels. We Democracy Amendments Coalition participants, though we may differ as to the best mix of these and other proposals, each support a careful and balanced discussion of all aspects of our current political process, together with the pros and cons of all reasonable ways to improve it.

We support some combination of many of the improvements which follow:

  1. Independent citizen redistricting of voting districts. 
  2. Free use of our public airways for debate during each election cycle.
  3. Much shorter election cycles.
  4. Primary candidates selected and elected by all voters in open primaries.
  5. Elimination of the Electoral College, replaced by popular vote.
  6. Candidates elected by a majority, not plurality, of all voters.
  7. Uniform national standards and procedures among all states for federal elections.
  8. Full disclosure of all funding and spending for all federal elections.
  9. A national voting day holiday, plus registration and voting procedures to increase voter participation.

We recognize that strengthening the way we finance and structure our political process to encourage more balance and competition can be threatening to many currently serving in Congress and to their large dollar amount campaign contributors. But it will make our government more responsive to its citizens. We owe it to the country we love, and to our children and future generations, not to accept the status quo.

We support a robust discussion and debate, involving those with wide ranges of expertise, opinion, and ideas, occurring often over time and in many forums. 

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  • Rick Hubbard