Action Plan


Initially, the Democracy Amendments Coalition will focus its efforts primarily in Vermont, while also supporting related opportunities being organized by other organizations in New Hampshire during the upcoming U.S. Presidential Primary election. Specifically, we will:

1. Strengthen our Vermont political system to best represent and reflect the interests of Vermont citizens by working to:

      • Support H.21, a proposed study of how to finance Vermont campaigns, with our specific support for legislation requiring small dollar contributions from all Vermonters, coupled with larger amounts of public financing only available to candidates in relation to the amount of small dollar support received from large numbers of Vermont citizens. 
      • Amend our state Constitution to require that all Vermont voters shall elect our statewide office holders, all VT Senators, and all VT Representatives, by majority vote (i.e. more than 50%) and that our state legislature shall decide how best to accomplish this – by either a run-off election, ranked “Instant Runoff Voting” or some other method as they shall best determine, and perhaps revise over time if necessary.
      • Enact independent citizen led redistricting of voting districts in Vermont. 
      • Initiate discussion, support, and eventual legislation for open primaries in Vermont. 
      • Launching, in the next few years, a petition effort to place on Vermont Town Meeting ballots, a resolution asking if voters support strengthening Vermont's political system so as not to be as vulnerable to the influence of large outside campaign funders.

2. Participate in walks, and attend candidate gatherings in 2016 to support New Hampshire efforts by organizations such as Coalition For Open Democracy and the New Hampshire Rebellion to add the following important question to our U.S. Presidential Primary debate - by repeatedly asking the candidates: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO END THE SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION IN OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM THAT IS CAUSED BY THE WAY CAMPAIGNS ARE FINANCED? 

3. Ask the same question publicly of our own three Vermont representatives to the US Congress.

WATCH a 2 minute video (music + photos) of the 4 walks from all corners of NH to the capitol in Concord this past January of 2015.